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Our international students enroll in 4th through 12th grade. Our school is located within 30 miles from down town LA and the Pacific Ocean! We welcome students who seek to further their college education at UCLA, Stanford, Westmont, Pepperdine and other local Southern California colleges and universities.  West Valley Christian School was founded in 1978 by West Valley Christian Church. Students from diverse ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds are all welcome. West Valley Christian School is accreditated by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

Documents About:   ApplicationParents role, Parent agreementStudent roleHome Stay interview, Host Family ApplicaitonHost Family Agreement, Host Family Expectations,    Medical Consent , Our International I20 Program is only available to 4th-11th grade students. In 4th-8th grade we allow up to 4 international students per classroom of 25 students. 

We allow students to enroll in the Spring and the Fall. We do not have deadline for admission but recommend full payment by end of March. We have enrolled students from Italy, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, China and Russia. It is a privilege for us to partner with parents who support our Christian school and who desire to see their children in a rigorous academic environment coupled with a balanced social and spiritual experience.

1) i20 (August - May) $14,500.00 - $18,000.00

2) International Summer Camp: (June, July, August) $400-$700 / week

3) School Camp: (January, February) $600.00-$1,200 / 2weeks

4) 8th Grade Program: (January - May) 8th grade student can experience American school before making decision to choose to attend high school. READ MORE

5) ESL classes After School: $50.00 per day from 3-5pm

6) International TOEFL /ESL TOEFL and ESL classes available for ages 4 through 9th grade.

We currently have three teachers who teach Chinese, Korean and Japanese students ESL classes and an expert trainer for rigorous TOEFL class for 8th -12th grade students.

Classes are offered Monday through Friday from 3:30pm-5:30pm.


ESL Curriculum for two week summer camp: 

International students joined West Valley Christian School’s Summer Camp along with attending an ESL class for English Language Learners.  Students enjoyed all the fun of summer camp interacting with American students along with a Cultural History tour of The United States, California and American Holidays.  ESL class was an interactive learning program that engaged the students in their own learning with reading/writing exercises and hands on projects.  Students wrote state reports, drew pictures of famous American monuments, California Missions and much more.  The students even participated in mining for gold to recreate what it might have been like to be a miner during the California Gold Rush.  Students enjoyed Thanksgiving Pie and a Christmas Party Gift Exchange just to name of few of our fun holiday activities!  Lastly, students got to get their game on with an All American Sports Day!

Cultural American History!

Students enjoyed a panoramic tour of American history and learned the meaning of the “melting pot” we call America.  Students learned early Native American history to the 13 colonies, The Westward Expansion and a brief overview of major United States history highlights, symbols, ideas, culture and traditions. 

Missions, Miners and Moviemakers in the Golden State!

Students traveled through a learning adventure of California Local Native American history, Catholic Missions, The Gold Rush to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.  Students were treated to a visit from a Chumash Indian historian who brought artifacts where they could touch, feel and experience Native American life.  They even participated in a rain dance with Chumash instruments.

American Holidays!

Students enjoyed learning about American federal holidays that honor a person or event that had a lasting influence on America.  They also experienced Christmas and Easter with presentations a student teacher and our Middle School Bible Teacher.  We had a lit Christmas tree complete with a gift exchange as we talked about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Easter Bible lesson was a hands on story telling of the death and resurrection of Christ.  Each student opened an egg with an element of the story.  Then, students were treated to an All American Easter Egg hunt to look for eggs filled with candy.

American Sports Day

A trip to the United States would not be complete without learning about America’s obsession with sports.  Students not only learned about popular American sports but participated in football, basketball and soccer skills with our Middle School Coach and student athletes!


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