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West Valley Christian School seeks to showcase our balanced and dynamic educational programs. Read about how we achieve ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, CREATIVE EXPRESSION, ATHELTIC  ISTINCTION, SERVANT LEADERSHIP, SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT for all our students. Read more about each grade level’s educational programs:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. The whole point of a Christian school is to not only teach them about God, but about God’s creation and what mankind has produced and revealed about Him through literature, mathematics, science, and history. We seek to do everything to the best of our ability, holding ourselves to the highest standards and executing everything with excellence – not just because the state or federal government wants it, but because of the God we represent. We want to surpass standards and improve our reputation in the community so that more people can hear about WVCS and our students, in turn so that they will see what God is doing on our campus. We want to send our students into the world well-equipped to think clearly, present and defend their views and faith, work hard, and stand strong before the world. Our aim is to develop students: who seek to be independent learners, critical thinkers, who are write and speak effectively. We want to instill a balanced and dynamic education so that students can discover their gifts and seek to work hard to hone their skills and take the most rigorous course loads and aspire to gain acceptance into 4 year colleges and universities.

  3. Creative Expression
  4. One of the most neglected aspects of education over the last several years has been creativity and the arts. At WVCS, we recognize that school and books aren’t everything. In fact, time and again it has been shown that music and the arts aid learning and improve students’ capacity to process new information. They provide an outlet for children’s and teens’ imagination, allows them to foster creative ideas, and trains them to be skilled in articulating those ideas. Being involved with choir, band, theatre, or art at a young age enables the next generation of professional musicians, actors, photographers, or graphic designers. Art is not only a school activity, but a life-long hobby and emotional outlet. It provides the basis for understanding media, advertising, or the latest hit single. Art is a part of the human experience and one of the glories of civilization; and God is pleased when our students are able to reveal beauty through it. Our aim is to develop students: to discover and foster their God-given gifts, develop an appreciation for the fine arts, learn an effective use of multimedia communication and learn a creative approach to problem-solving.

  5. Athletic Distinction
  6. Here at WVCS, we love our sports and are very proud of our athletes and teams. We feel that providing a physical outlet for our students allows them to build self-discipline and a deep sense of pursuing excellence. Games provide an opportunity for young men and women to meet and interact with students from other schools, walks of life, and faiths. They allow students to extend graciousness to others and exercise fairness in play. Even in physical education classes, students learn how to take care of their bodies, stay active, and learn new sports, so that they can be healthy throughout the rest of their lives. Our aim is to develop students: who are healthy students, have Christ-like sportsmanship and will join an athletic team and grow physically and socially.

  7. Servant Leadership
  8. One of our goals as a school is to not only produce students who will excel in college, but ones who will excel in life and be strong leaders in their churches and communities. In order to facilitate that, we try to give WVCS students as much opportunity as possible to build and practice their leadership skills. We feel it is imperative that students learn how to lead properly – that being in charge of something does not mean ruling with an iron fist, or a fist of any sort. Since those who excel in matters of knowledge tend to be elevated into leadership, they must be equipped to be gracious and have a serving attitude. If Jesus was humble enough to serve His own students, our students can learn to serve each other and people in the world around them. Our aim is to develop students: who continue with service and volunteerism as adults; initiate and develop service projects; who contribute to their church, community, country, and world; and who will disciple one another.

  9. Technology Advancement
  10. We must improve the way we learn, teach and serve our WVCS community. The technology department will play a vital role in keeping the school on the cutting edge of the integration of technology and education. Disadvantages include the cost of technology, the need for comprehensive training for teachers, students, and parents, and the fear of the unknown and/or the corruption of technology. We are responding by becoming very informed about the best practices for 1-1 schools, and anticipating fears so that we can respond and train accordingly. Our aim is to develop students: who can have their academic questions answered anywhere and anytime;who can be more creative; can have deeper learning and understanding results; and who can enhance peer interaction and group collaboration.

  11. Spiritual Development
  12. We believe students should demonstrate their faith in active ways as they desire to serve others, honor their parents and please their teachers. We purposely teach students to use their gifts for God’s glory and to love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, and soul.. As teacher’s explain the Bible and help students to see life through the lense of scripture, students will embrace a Christian worldview. Children must be given simple truths, with an understanding of how they can grow in their personal relationship with the Lord, otherwise their faith is not going to last a lifetime!

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