West Valley Christian School seeks to showcase our balanced and dynamic educational programs. Read about how we achieve ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, CREATIVE EXPRESSION, ATHELTIC DISTINCTION, SERVANT LEADERSHIP, SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT for all our students. Read more about each grade level’s educational programs:

Accelerated Academics

Our latest advancement in our academic program includes analyzing grade level data in math and English Language Arts (ELA) from CTB/McGraw Hill’s Acuity assessments in order for teachers to assign IXL skills to target areas of needed improvement. Data from these assessments also identify each child’s depth of knowledge and/or mastery level of each state standard. We are now offering your child an individual Accelerated Academic program in math and ELA. We are seeking 10 Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade students who would like a one (1) month trial of personal instruction and customized curriculum assignments in math and ELA for a fee of $100.00. We will assign a teacher to meet with your child during school hours or after school. Please contact Mrs. Rojas if you are interested.

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