Awards and Accomplishments

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Athletic Distinction

  • Physical education classes include Presidential physical fitness awards:  All middle school students are assessment in flexibility, speed and agility, and running the distance of 1 mile.
  • 12 Middle School VCAL championships in 2013, 2014, 2015 soccer, basketball, flag-football, and volleyball
  • Elementary teams compete with other private elementary schools in Basketball, Soccer and Softball
  • DNA Academy is WVCS’s Academy For Student-Athlete Development.  (Tuition and Fees vary from traditional WVCS APPLY NOW ).  DNA Prep Academy is WVCS specialized and unrivaled middle school program that combines the very best of academics and athletics. Student-athletes who are committed to the DNA program and who take full advantage of our unmatched resources will unlock their true potential and leave as the best version of themselves. To meet the unique needs of serious student-athletes we have customized our award winning educational programs to include the very best in sport-specific training, performance training (strength, speed, agility), and sports medicine - allowing our students to develop academically, athletically, spiritually, mentally, and to gain the skills needed to excel in their sport.  6th-8th grade student-athletes who play Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, and Tennis.  For more information on DNA Academy click the following link or email us at

Arts / Creative Expression

  • 2014 and 2015 ASCI MIddle School competitions (verses 6 local private schools): Best in Show, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates. 
  • 2015 ACSI competition: best overall - (verse 6 local K-12th)
  • Art Class (2-8)
  • MS Theater Arts Elective
  • MS Art Class
  • Theater Class (K-5) w/Speech Curriculum
  • Art Awards
  • Music Class (TK-2nd grade)
  • Class Skits monthly
  • 3 productions: Grandparents Day, Veteran’s Day, Christmas Concert
  • Enrichment Summer Camp
  • Art Festival
  • 2 after school play productions
  • Dinner Theater (6-8)
  • Student performance based graduation ceremonies (K, 5th, 8th)
  • Art Web Site (K-8)
  • Yearbook (6-8)
  • Theater Arts Summer Camp
  • *Art Camp

Academic Excellence

  • Computer class (K-8)
  • Study Skills (6-8)
  • Spanish Class (K-8)
  • MS IXL class
  • Library (K-5)
  • Quarterly Acuity individual (K-8) assessment tests
  • Resource Program
  • IXL Achievement Awards
  • Web Based blended high school curriculum
  • Summer School
  • Walk Through California 4th grade
  • Walk through American Revolution 6th grade
  • Science Fair (Middle School)
  • Speech Meet (Elementary School)
  • Math Olympics (Elementary and Middle School)
  • 8th DC trip
  • 6th and 7th grade Outdoor Ed
  • Read Across America (Elementary school)

Spiritual Development

  • Weekly Chapel Messages
  • Bible Curriculum
  • Monthly Kids with Character Awards
  • Elementary Chapel skits
  • Chapel Worship Director 2013
  • Alumni Chapel visit Fan the Flame
  • Teachers and staff are Christians
  • Students are encouraged to have personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Servant Leadership

  • Kids With Character
  • Community Service
  • MS Beach Trip
  • Caught Being Good
  • STUCCO Leadership Club
  • Summer Camp Leadership Training / CIT
  • Flag Raising and pledges
  • Participate in three community non-profit organizations
  • ASB monthly events
  • Student Body contests
  • Spirit Week dress-up
  • Stage crew for productions

Technology Advancement

  • All classrooms equipped with interactive boards (smartboards)
  • Bandwidth available for all student’s personal devices
  • iPads for classroom instruction
  • Award winning online assessment tests
  • Spelling City (grammar, spelling and language arts)
  • *IXL language arts instructional resources 2014
  • All campus computers upgraded
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