Creative Expression / Arts

Creative Expression

One of the most neglected aspects of education over the last several years has been creativity and the arts. At WVCS, we recognize that school and books aren’t everything. In fact, time and again it has been shown that music and the arts aid learning and improve students’ capacity to process new information. They provide an outlet for children’s and teens’ imagination, allows them to foster creative ideas, and trains them to be skilled in articulating those ideas. Being involved with choir, band, theatre, or art at a young age enables the next generation of professional musicians, actors, photographers, or graphic designers. Art is not only a school activity, but a life-long hobby and emotional outlet. It provides the basis for understanding media, advertising, or the latest hit single. Art is a part of the human experience and one of the glories of civilization; and God is pleased when our students are able to reveal beauty through it. Our aim is to develop students: to discover and foster their God-given gifts, develop an appreciation for the fine arts, learn an effective use of multimedia communication and learn a creative approach to problem-solving.

WVCS learners will… • Engage in individual and group musical and performing arts activities. • Know and use a variety of mediums and artistic skills within the fine arts. • Utilize imagination and originality in effective creative writing activities.

Fine Arts

God is the divine creator and because of our legacy as created beings, we have the opportunity to express in the same way. Each student will be learning the basic art elements, and how to apply those principles to their work. Students will experiment with a variety of mediums experimented with as well as a small introduction to art history. This is primarily an introduction to the fine arts courses presented in high school. Additional Art resources and activities:

• ACSI Fine Arts Festival  • Computer design yearbook class for invited students.

Drama/ Theater Arts

God is the divine creator and because of our legacy as created beings, we have the opportunity to express in the same way. In this introduction to drama, students learn the lifelong benefits of dramatic arts which include: creativity, spontaneity, self-expression and communication of ideas and emotions, voice and diction, body control and physical communication, making acting choices, concentration, imagination and vocabulary of theatre. Through use of theatre games, improvisation, pantomime, monologues, scene work, production work, and technique, students will gain confidence, learn basic acting skills, and be taught valuable life lessons in problem solving, increased communication skills, time management, teamwork, and support.

Additional Drama resources and activities:

• Fall/Christmas production • Spring musical • Chapel skits

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